ODXA Shortwave DX Challenge 2014

Via Mark Coady – Ontario DX Association, Canada…
It’s time to start thinking about the ODXA Shortwave DX Challenge. I’ve tightened up the submission schedule but, besides being fun, the idea is to have as many excellent loggings for the January updates for Your Reports Express. This year we are also changing the prizes. Below are the rules and details for the challenge. The rules will also be posted to the ODXA website http://www.odxa.on.ca/ .

2014 Shortwave DX Challenge Rules are as follows – 

1. DURATION: 0000 UTC January 1st to 2359 UTC January 31st

2. ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS: All SWLs and DXers except the judge.

3. ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES: Report countries (where the transmitter is located) as they appear on the NASWA Country List which is available at this link: http://www.naswa.net/images/NASWA_country_list.pdf

4. ELIGIBLE STATIONS: All licensed shortwave BROADCAST stations operating between 2 and 30 MHz plus shortwave Time Signal stations and utility stations relaying a broadcast station such as AFRTS, Radio Continental in Argentina, and studio transmitter links that only carry programming.

5. INELIGIBLE STATIONS: All other utility stations including VOLMET, pirate stations, and Ham radio QSOs.

6. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND DEADLINES: All loggings must be in the following format: Frequency, Country (where the transmitter is located), Station, Time, 5 minutes of Program Details, Signal Quality, and Date of Reception and shall be contained in either a document (Word or Open Office) or a Spreadsheet (Exel or Open Office). Each week’s loggings shall be submitted to shortwaveloggings@gmail.com by midnight UTC of the Monday beginning the following week (eg. January 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th). The final set of loggings shall be submitted not later than midnight UTC on Monday February 3, 2014.

7. JUDGING AND USE OF SUBMISSIONS: The editor of Your Reports Express, the weekly loggings column of the Ontario DX Association, will act as the judge and his ruling on all loggings is FINAL. He is not eligible to participate in the Shortwave DX Challenge. Any and all submissions may be used as loggings, at the discretion of the editor, for the January editions of Your Reports Express.

8. CERTIFICATES OF PARTICIPATION: All participants will receive an attractive certificate in PDF format sent to their e-mail address.


With the closing of the ODXA’s mail order service, several hobby-related books have been made available. The top three finishers will get their choice of a book and another book will be drawn for all other entrants. For those who send in their loggings on a weekly basis, an extra ballot (one per extra submission) will be awarded them for the purpose of this draw.

Good luck to all participants. May the D, E, and F layers be with you all.