January 2012 DX Logs

Entire DX Logs of the month January

Country Site Station Date Language Time Lang
Cuba Radio Havana 6000 kHz 1-Jan-12 0200 UTC English
Kuwait R. fardo 5830 kHz 1-Jan-12 0222 UTC Farsi
Cyprus Lim BBC 5875 kHz 1-Jan-12 0235 UTC English
Australia R. Australia 17750 kHz 1-Jan-12 0328 UTC English
China Xian CRI 17725 kHz 1-Jan-12 0525 UTC English
India-Sikkim AIR Gangtok 4835 kHz 1-Jan-12 1050 UTC Hindi
Iran IRIB 21695 kHz 1-Jan-12 1109 UTC English
Oman BBC 17790 kHz 1-Jan-12 1135 UTC English
Palau R. Free Sarawak 17560 kHz 1-Jan-12 1150 UTC Iban
Romania R. Romania Int. 17765 kHz 1-Jan-12 1200 UTC English
Seychelles BBC 17640 kHz 1-Jan-12 1247 UTC English
Botswana VOA 15580 kHz 1-Jan-12 1733 UTC English
Germany VOA 13635 kHz 1-Jan-12 1800 UTC English
Ascension Is. BBC 15400 kHz 1-Jan-12 1835 UTC English
Sao Tome VOA 4940 kHz 1-Jan-12 1900 UTC English
Myanmar Myanmar Radio 9731 kHz 2-Jan-12 0305 UTC English
Bhutan BBS 6035 kHz 2-Jan-12 0516 UTC English
Russian FED. Eu Moscow VOR 9470 kHz 2-Jan-12 1500 UTC English
Tajikistan VOR 9660 kHz 2-Jan-12 1520 UTC English
Russian Asia Petro-Kam VOR 9880 kHz 2-Jan-12 1538 UTC English
Afghanistan R. Afghanistan 7200 kHz 2-Jan-12 1555 UTC English
N. MARIANAS Tinian RFA 9455 kHz 2-Jan-12 1450 UTC Vietnamese
Syria R. Damascas 9330 kHz 2-Jan-12 2100 UTC English
Canada RCI 17790 kHz 3-Jan-12 1800 UTC English
Zambia ZNBC2 6165 kHz 3-Jan-12 1900 UTC English
Chad RNT 6165 kHz 3-Jan-12 1900 UTC French
Bulgaria R. Bulgaria 7400 kHz 3-Jan-12 2233 UTC English
Austria AWR 9830 kHz 3-Jan-12 2115 UTC English
Serbia R Serbia Intl. 6100 kHz 3-Jan-12 2224 UTC English
India-Goa Panaji AIR 15020 kHz 4-Jan-12 1036 UTC English
India Bangalore AIR 15235 kHz 4-Jan-12 1050 UTC English
Singapore R. Japan 12035 kHz 4-Jan-12 1322 UTC Bengali
Kazaksthan WYFR 9310 kHz 4-Jan-12 1342 UTC English
INDIA-KASHMIR AIR Sri Nagar 4950 kHz 4-Jan-12 1428 UTC HINDI
DJIBOUTI RTV DJIBOUTI 4780 kHz 4-Jan-12 1853 UTC Somali
CHINA-TIBET PBS Xizang 6200 kHz 5-Jan-12 0613 UTC English
Thailand BBC 15310 kHz 6-Jan-12 0607 UTC English
Zimbabwe V. Zimbabwe 4828 kHz 8-Jan-12 2029 UTC English
Madagascar R. Madagasikara 5010 kHz 8-Jan-12 2041 UTC Malagasy
Vietnam V. O. Vietnam 9730 kHz 8-Jan-12 2053 UTC English
South Africa BBC 3255 kHz 8-Jan-12 2151 UTC English
England KBS 3955 kHz 8-Jan-12 2203 UTC English
Taiwan R. Taiwan Intl. 9440 kHz 9-Jan-12 1601 UTC English
Moldova R. PMR 7290 kHZ 9-Jan-12 1945 UTC German
Greece R. Makedonias 15650 kHz 10-Jan-12 2105 UTC Greek
BELARUS R. BELARUS 6155 KHz 10-Jan-12 2130 UTC English
Bangladesh Bangla. Betar 4750 kHz 14-Jan-12 0950 UTC Bengali
Mongolia V. O. Mongolia 12085 kHz 14-Jan-12 1030 UTC English
GERMANY,FR DDR WYFR 11955 kHz 14-Jan-12 1615 UTC Farsi
GUAM AWR 11690 kHz 15-Jan-12 1620 UTC English
PHILIPPINES R. Veritas Asia 11870 kHz 16-Jan-12 1401 UTC Bengali
ALASKA KNLS 9655 kHZ 16-Jan-12 1514 UTC English
INDIA – ANDAMAN AIR Port Blair 4760 kHz 20-Jan-12 1350 UTC Hindi
INS. KALIMANTAN RRI PalangkaRaya3325 kHz 20-Jan-12 1507 UTC Indonesian
Diego Garcia AFRTS – USB 4319 kHz 20-Jan-12 1704 UTC English
Tunisia Sfax RTV Tunisia 9725 kHz 20-Jan-12 1800 UTC Arabic
SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA 15250 kHz 21-Jan-12 1116 UTC English
Uzbekistan WYFR 17520 kHz 21-Jan-12 1254 UTC English
Uzbekistan R. Japan 11730 kHz 21-Jan-12 1310 UTC English
Japan Yamata R. Japan 5955 kHz 21-Jan-12 1419 UTC English
Pakistan Azad Kashmir 3975 kHz 21-Jan-12 1430 UTC Urdu
KYRGYZSTAN Kyrghyz Radio 4010 kHz 21-Jan-12 1457 UTC Kyrgyz
ISRAEL Galei Zahal 15850 kHz 21-Jan-12 1511 UTC Hibru
SUDAN R.Omdurman 7200 kHz 21-Jan-12 1604 UTC Sudanese Arabic
ETHIOPIA R.Ethiopia 7200 kHz 21-Jan-12 1630 UTC English
ERITREA VO Broad Masses 7175 kHz 21-Jan-12 1710 UTC Afar
RWANDA Kigali DW 21780 kHz 21-Jan-12 1838 UTC Hausa
MALAYSIA RTM Traxx FM 7295 kHz 21-Jan-12 1906 UTC English/Mix
BRAZIL R.Cultura 4845 kHz 21-Jan-12 2210 UTC Portuguese
PERU R. Tarma 4775 kHz 21-Jan-12 2306 UTC Spanish
KOREA, REP. KBS 9640 kHz 22-Jan-12 1603 UTC English
MALAYSIA RTM Sarawak FM 11630 kHz 22-Jan-12 1639 UTC Malay/Iban
EGYPT R. Cairo 9990 kHz 22-Jan-12 1914 UTC Hausa
FRANCE Issodun R. Taiwan Intl. 3965 kHz 22-Jan-12 2011 UTC Spanish
INDONESIA IRIAN JAYA RRI Wamena 4870 kHz 22-Jan-12 2028 UTC Indonesian
RWANDA Kigali DW 9655 kHz 22-Jan-12 2051 UTC English
KOREA, DPR Voice of Korea 7570 kHz 22-Jan-12 2118 UTC English
CHILE CVC 17680 kHz 22-Jan-12 2149 UTC Spanish
TURKEY TRT 9610 kHz 22-Jan-12 2203 UTC English
COSTA RICA REE 9765 kHz 25-Jan-12 0104 UTC Spanish
Neth. Ant. Bon. R. Vatican 6040 kHz 25-Jan-12 0147 UTC Spanish
ANGOLA R. N. Angola 4950 kHz 25-Jan-12 1922 UTC Portuguese
INDONESIA – JAWAV. of Indonesia 9526 kHz 31-Jan-12 1908 UTC English
USA WEWN 15610 kHz 27-Jan-12 1736 UTC English
SPAIN REE 17715 kHz 27-Jan-12 1813 UTC Spanish
NIGERIA V. of Nigeria 15120 kHz 27-Jan-12 1840 UTC English
ARMENIA Dem. V. Burma 7510 kHz 28-Jan-12 0001 UTC Burmese
VATICAN CITY Vatican Radio 5890 kHz 28-Jan-12 0041 UTC Hindi
MOROCCO Nador RTV Marocaine 15349 kHz 29-Jan-12 1830 UTC Arabic
CROATIA Croatian R. 3985 kHz 29-Jan-12 1905 UTC Croat
UKRAINE Denge Mezopotam 7540 kHz 29-Jan-12 1943 UTC Kurdish
ALBANIA CRI 7210 kHz 29-Jan-12 2306 UTC Spanish
SRI LANKA RFA 9920 kHz 30-Jan-12 0015 UTC Vietnamese
LITHUANIA RFA 9480 kHz 30-Jan-12 0150 UTC Uyghur
LAOS Lao National R. 6130 kHz 30-Jan-12 1521 UTC Lao
LIBYA R TV Libye 11600 kHz 30-Jan-12 1618 UTC French
NEW ZEALAND RNZI 9765 kHZ 30-Jan-12 1651 UTC English
UAE – DUBAI Radio Damal 15700 kHz 31-Jan-12 0525 UTC Somali
JORDAN Jordan RTV 11810 kHz 31-Jan-12 0643 UTC Arabic
SOLOMON ISLANDS Solomon Is BC 5020 kHz 31-Jan-12 1133 UTC English
NEPAL Radio Nepal 5005 kHz 31-Jan-12 1500 UTC Nepali
BAHRAIN R.Bahrain 9745 kHz 31-Jan-12 1556 UTC Arabic
MALI CRI 11640 kHz 31-Jan-12 1829 UTC Arabic
NIGER Voix du Sahel-Niamey 9705 kHz 31-Jan-12 2102 UTC French+Hausa
ARGENTINA RAE 15345 kHz 31-Jan-12 2124 UTC German

FM Dxing

During the 3rd week of June 2010, I had an opportunity of experiencing sporadic e condition in FM band. Earlier, Noticing various distant FM logs, I tried several times from my hometown Kolkata with available receivers. But strong local FM channels & their image frequencies all over the FM band, prevented me to log any distant FM channels. Then dismantling newly home brewed Quad Loop antenna, shifted to another 100 km north of Kolkata, a place called Taherpur (Coordinates 23.18°N 88.58°E) under Nadia district of West Bengal state. Erected a 20 mtr. longwire targeting southeast & northwest. The very first day Quad miserably failed & later on detected that there was no continuity. Then the magic started with the longwire which later on found performing excellent. I used a tiny Tecsun PL 757A portable receiver. Many of the distant FM stations coming like our local FM channels, specially from Pakistan. As if, I am sitting in a city of Pakistan. Most of the pvt. FM channels of Bangladesh like Radio Foorti, Dhaka, Radio Amar, Radio Today Dhaka, were coming very clear. Most surprisingly received BBC Bengali programme via FM at Comilla, Bangladesh. Many of the stations carrying programme in CIS language, could not be identified. Indeed, it is not so easy to perfectly identify a distant FM channel just crosschecking their frequency in the available gadgets. Because various programme run in the same channel in various city of the same country. Although Indian pvt FM channels could not disturb the band much but some channels from central to northwestern India were available. Many of the Thai & Vietnamese channels remained unidentified.
Below you can listen to some of the audio files recorded with my mobile phone recorder.
Unidentified Chinese 92.4 MHz @ 0519 21.6.2010
102.6 MHz 0741UTC 21.6.10 AIR DELHI
FM 93 Pakisatn 93.0 MHz 0417 UTC 21.6.10
FM Sunrise Sahiwal Pakistan 96.0 MHz 0701 UTC 21.6.2010
Local pirate in Bengali
Local Pirate 95.6 MHz 1605 UTC 20.6.10
Local Pirate 96.4 MHz 1558 UTC 20.6.10
Mast FM Lahore Pakistan 103.0 MHz 0352 UTC 21.6.10
Power FM Islamabad 99.0 MHz 0728 UTC 21.6.2010
Punjab University FM Lahore 0.1 kW 104.6 MHz 0824 UTC 21.6.10
Pyinsawadi FM Burma 88.0 MHz 0501 UTC
R News Network Pakistan 99.0 MHz 0300 UTC 21.6.10
Radio Today Bangladesh 89.6 MHz 0537 UTC 21.6.2010
Sichuan R China 91.3 MHz 0400 UTC 21.6.10
Unidentified 90.1 MHz
Unidentified stn 97.8 MHz 0430 UTC 21.6.2010
Unidentified 101.3 MHz Presumably Tibetan
Unidentified Bengali 100 MHz  0323UTC 21.6.10
Unidentified Chinese stn 21.6.2010
Unidentified Chinese stn 92.4 MHz @ 0519 21.6.2010
Unidentified Chinese stn 96.0 MHz  0539 UTC
Unidentified Indian station
Unidentified Kazakh or Uighur language 92.2 MHz 0800 21.6.10
Unidentified Turkish language on 93.2 MHz 0418 UTC 20.6.2010
Unidentified Uighur language programme
But coming back in Kolkata tried several times but nothing fruitful so far. Quad Loop antenna was also erected perfectly. Definitely this was the first experience of sporadic e. Next one will must be a planned FM dxpedition.
Swopan Chakroborty

Posted by Swopan Chakroborty, Kolkata, India